Google Releases Snobby Search Engine Today

 Google is going to make Microsoft look like a lemonade stand if they keep releasing useful things at the rate they're going. The latest is a customizable search engine:

Not satisfied that it has given Web users enough tools to refine data on the Internet, Google will launch Custom Search Engine Tuesday, a product designed to cull search results from only those sites specified by the searcher. Users who create their own topic-specific search engines with the new tool, and share them via a search box on a web site, will be able to make money from ads placed by Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) on search result pages as part of the company's revenue-sharing AdSense program.

Now that they own it, maybe Google can get working on a YouTube search engine that finds that one moron that drops a pointless f-bomb in the first comment on every video in existence, and then autodials his mother and directs her to yell down the basement stairs: Put a sock in it.

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