Google Pixel Fold Could Make Foldables Affordable, Here's When It Might Launch

pixel fold
Google is looking to join in on the foldable smartphone craze with its own Pixel version. As such, the tech giant is rumored to be starting production on the Pixel Fold later this year.

Foldable smartphones are starting to become more of a norm, as more companies look to jump into the foldable market. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Honor have already introduced foldable smartphones to its customers. Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 3 actually proved to be a bigger draw for Samsung's brand than its Galaxy S21. Now Google seems to be looking at joining in on the foldable frenzy with its own Pixel version.

Notable display consultant and reliable leaker Ross Young shared on his Twitter account that production for the foldable Pixel will begin in Q3 of this year, and will actually launch in Q4 of this year. If this is true, it is reasonable to think that Google could hold an event announcing its Pixel Fold, along with the Pixel 7 lineup this coming Fall.

young tweet
Rumors of a foldable Pixel have been floating around for over a year. In fact, there have been rumors that the foldable was actually cancelled by Google at one point. But Young commented on his original tweet explaining that Google did cancel an order for a foldable display, which could mean that sources for the foldable being cancelled may have jumped the gun.

Young also indicated that the display for Google's foldable would be smaller than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 or 4. This could point to Pixel's foldable being a smaller version of Samsung's Fold, or it could be more along the lines of Oppo's Find N design.

As with all rumors, there is much speculation as to what the specs may be. It has been said that it could house a single 12MP rear camera and two 8MP front-facing cameras. In all likelihood it will incorporate Google's own Tensor chip. As far as software, it will most likely be shipped with Android 13 if it does in fact launch in Q4 of this year along with the Pixel 7.

In another tweet from Young, he hints at other foldable phones that may be coming in the near future. Oppo may be releasing its second foldable of the year, and Xiaomi and Vivo also look to add to the companies' foldable options. Young also teases that Apple may actually be working on the long-rumored iPhone Flip. We will just have to wait and see what comes from all the rumors, but there is no doubt that the foldable smartphone is here to stay.