This Is Allegedly The New Google Pixel 7 Pro Being Unboxed

 Google Pixel 7 Pro Being Unboxed
A new smartphone unboxing video has recently surfaced on social media. The exciting thing about this particular video is that it appears to feature the new Google Pixel 7 Pro—a device which hasn’t yet been officially launched. Smartphone enthusiasts will have to wait until October, for Google’s Fall Event, before the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro launch and are subsequently unboxed and reviewed by a swathe of websites and YouTubers holding back and honoring NDAs.

If you watch the video, and we have grabbed some stills for your consideration, you will see a device which is very similar in appearance to Google’s official Pixel 7 Pro renders from (nearly) all angles. It is taken out of its box, where it is nestled screen-down. You can get a pretty clear view of the new camera hump, with its sleeker edge-to-edge visor-style implementation.

 Google Pixel 7 Pro Being Unboxed

Next, the phone is flipped over to reveal the screen. Some protective card is removed from the display, and then the handler turns it on. As a brand-new flagship, it quickly runs through the boot process, with a colorful Pixel logo spinning away to take you to the ‘Welcome to your Pixel’ first-time setup wizard. The video ends with the camera operator panning upwards to the logo of the Facebook based channel which has provided this purported sneak peek, Gadgetfull BD, which is also a technology store based in Bangladesh.

The brief hands-on video doesn’t bring much new information to the table. However, it appears to prove that these new flagship devices are being delivered and passed around by various parties now – hence this leak. Remember, these devices should go official in early October according to the latest information, before general release mid-month. For more official information about the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, please check out our coverage from Google I/O back in May this year. Google has not been shy about revealing a lot of information ahead of an official announcement this time around.