Best Buy Has Some Fantastic Google Home Hub And Nest Bundle Deals Up Now

Christmas has come and gone, and for a lot of folks out there, that means plenty of gift cards and cash burning a hole in their pockets. With this in mind, Best Buy has a very good deal going on a Google Home Hub and Nest bundle deal that can save you most of the purchase price of the Google Home Hub. The deal allows you to get a Google Home Hub for $80 off the Best Buy sales price if you bundle it with a select Nest device at the time of purchase.

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Currently, Best Buy is offering the Home Hub in charcoal or chalk colors for $99.99, which is a $49.01 discount from the regular $149.00 price. The Nest devices you can bundle the Google Home Hub include the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat for $249.99, Nest Cam indoor or outdoor models in singles or three packs, Nest Cam IQ for $299, and the Nest Thermostat E for $169.

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Nest's Cam IQ outdoor security camera is an option at $349.99 as is the Hello Smart WiFi Doorbell for $229.99. There are multiple colors offered for the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat. If you chose to bundle the Nest Thermostat E at $169 with the Google Home Hub, the pair of smart devices would set you back $188.99. Adding the Google Home Hub and one of the aforementioned Nest products effectively drops the price or the former to $19.99. Since Best Buy has physical stores in many areas, you can choose to pick up your wares in a local store that has stock or have it shipped directly to your door. Yesterday, Adorama had a deal going that offered the Home Hub with a pair of Home Minis for $99. This Christmas season has been a good one for deals on home automation devices.

Via:  Best Buy
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