Google Adds "Skip Intro" to Search Results

When checking out the specs on the Voodoo Envy 133 earlier, we were pretty annoyed by the Flash intro to the revamped VoodooPC site. That's precisely the reason for a feature such as this. Search for a site, and - if the site has a Skip Intro link on it - results will have a "Skip intro," which enables users to skip the Flash intro, directly from the search results.

Of course, this doesn't help on the VoodooPC site, as there's no "Skip Intro" option on their site. Possibly because the intro is pretty short, but still irritating.

This is precisely the type of small, some-would-think inconsequential feature which is just the type of thing that draws people to one search engine over another.  A little feature that is really nice.

On the other hand, since we had to think hard (and actually had to search for a site) to find a site with a Flash intro, it's obviously not a deal-breaker.  Just nice.