Gigabyte Unveils Two Wet And Wild Liquid-Cooled GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Cards

4070 ti waterforce extreme hero image
One month after being leaked — Gigabyte has unveiled two new GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards with liquid cooling support, including the RTX 4070 Ti Xtreme Waterforce and the Xtreme Waterforce WB. These two options use liquid cooling to slim down the graphics card size (not including the radiator) while keeping performance competitive with the best air-cooled options on the market. We don’t have pricing yet but expect these GPUs to be the most expensive 4070 Ti products in Gigabyte’s product stack.

The RTX 4070 Ti Xtreme Waterforce is an all-in-one (AIO) liquid-cooled graphics card, featuring a beefy 240mm radiator. The radiator is responsible for removing heat from the card’s large copper base plate that is responsible for cooling the GPU, VRAM, and power delivery system. With this architecture, all the primary components are cooled by liquid, side-stepping any requirement for an additional fan on the graphics card itself.

Aesthetically the card features an AORUS-themed matte black and silver themed finish on the shroud, accompanied by a large mirror-like finish that is RGB illuminated in the middle of the card. In conjunction with the RGB lights on the card, the AIO also sports RGB-illuminated 120mm fans to complete the card’s aesthetics.

4070 ti waterforce extreme

According to the spec sheet, this card features a pretty hefty factory overclock of 90Mhz, going from 2610MHz on the reference design to 2700MHz flat for the GPU boost clock. Sadly, we don’t get any details on power limit overhead that is accessible in overclocking software, but with the fact this is a liquid-cooled AORUS branded card, this card should have one of the highest power limits of any 4070 Ti class card.

The 4070 Ti Xtreme Waterforce WB is (as the name implies) a WaterBlock counterpart to the AIO model. This card forgoes the inclusion of a built-in radiator to allow builders to hook this GPU up to a custom cooling solution. Similar to the AIO version, this variant also features a large copper base plate that is responsible for cooling the GPU, power delivery system, and video memory.

4070 ti waterforce extreme wb

However, the aesthetics have been completely altered in favor of a darkly tinted glass-like finish, that allows the user to see the insides of the graphics card. The card’s RGB lighting takes advantage of this design as well, bouncing light through the glass-like material. The backplate however, goes back to a more traditional AORUS theme utilizing a matte black finish and an RGB-illuminated design at the rear of the backplate featuring a glass window looking at an RGB illuminated AORUS logo.

The WB version shares the same factory overclock as the AIO version, with a boost frequency of 2700MHz. Sometimes water block versions of cards can feature a higher boost clock than their AIO versions, but this is not the case here.

Pricing and availability are unknown at this time, but we suspect both cards will be available sometime soon now that official listings for both SKUs are available to visit on Gigabyte’s website.