Gigabyte NeonCooler 8-Pro, Intel Dual Core Multi-Task Benchmarking, and more!

Good afternoon guys and gals. Before your eyes fall to the reviews below, make sure to check out Chris's review of the Soltek SL-K890Pro-939 Motherboard. Also, Letter #144 from Dan's Data makes for some good reading. Enjoy the rest of the news...

[H]ard|OCP $500 Q2-05 Upgrade Guide @ HardOCP

"This a system that will play today's games at acceptable frame rates, run some of the most demanding office applications, and offer a bit of upgradeability when the next $500 roles around."

Evercool HPC-925 Ice-Man Heatpipe Cooler Review @ 3DXtreme

"Today 3DXtreme has the pleasure of reviewing a new cooler offering from Evercool, the HPC-925 Ice-Man. This cooler uses heatpipe technology to provide a cooling solution for a range of processors from AMD K7 and K8 to Intel P4's. While we've seen a lot of heatpipes and have had mixed results, can we expect this one to be any different? Let's find out..."

Intel Dual Core: Multi-Tasking Benchmarking @ Legit Reviews

"After testing the Dual Core Intel 840 processor versus the equally clocked Single core Intel 640, it is clear that the dual core processors offer a significant performance improvement when multi-tasking."

Gigabyte NeonCooler 8 - Pro(GH-ED821-MF) @ HardwareZoom

"Surprisingly, NeonCooler 8 managed to keeping the CPU few degrees cooler than 3D Rocket Cooler. However, the trade off for performance is noise, the NeonCooler 8 generate more noise than the blower fan in the 3D Rocket Cooler. Even when the rpm was halved, the blower fan @ 3000rpm is still less noisy"

Asus K8V-SE Deluxe Motherboard Review @ CoolTechZone

"Socket 754, at least with earlier boards, isn't the most enthusiast friendly platform, but it definitely offers great performance at stock speeds. If you remember, majority of the boards were plagued with overclocking issues for one reason or another. Many of the socket 754 boards only managed to get around 225MHz on average, if not lower in certain cases."