Corsair MP600 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD Leaks With Intoxicating 7 Gbps Data Rates

corsair mp600 pro
It appears that Corsair is trying to up its game in the SSD space soon with a Pro-level successor to the current Corsair MP600 SSD. The Corsair MP600 Pro leaked on Amazon yesterday and boasts a whopping 7,000MB/S (7GB/s) read and 6,850 MB/s (6.85GB/s) write speeds. This sort of performance would put Corsair in the same ballpark as, if not beating out, competitors such as Samsung or Sabrent.

Thanks to keen-eyed momomo_us on Twitter, we get to see the Corsair 1TB MP600 Pro on the German Amazon website. According to the listing, the high-performance SSD uses a x4 PCIe 4 NVME M.2 interface, which allows the read and write speeds marketed. Inside, the SSD uses “high-density 3D TLC NAND,” which keeps prices relatively low and performance high. Corsair will also be packing this M.2 SSD with an aluminum heat spreader for better sustained performance, though with respect to endurance, the listing notes a vague "guaranteed for up to 3,600TB" of some sort of usage.
It's unclear if this drive is based on Phison's latest E18 controller, though it seems likely. And, now that this SSD has leaked, it's also likely that we are not too far away from several other SSDs leaking as well. Earlier in the month, the Korean Communications Commission assigned ID numbers and authorization numbers to several items from Corsair, which appear to be SSDs. Following the model number scheme of the Pro SSD seen on Amazon (CSSD-F1000GBMP600PRO), it appears that there will also be a 2TB model as well as some other variants in the Pro series that could be even higher performance with an XT moniker. We will have to see how that all shakes out, but it should not be long before Corsair announces something.

corsair pcie 4 ssd 7gbps
The Corsair Listing Is Already Offline
corsair ssd auth ids
Corsair SSD IDs From FCCID.IO

Overall, this Corsair SSD should be pretty impressive once it launches, but it will all come down to the price. We found a website with the 1TB version supposedly listed at ~ $310, but that seems a little high. In comparison, the new Samsung 980 Pro 1TB model is only $229, but it is a little slower than the Corsair SSD too. Samsung also has a 500GB model of the 980 Pro (which is on sale right now on Amazon), which is nice to have as a cheaper option. Ultimately, whenever Corsair ends up releasing this new PCIe 4 NVMe SSD, it is nice to see competition driving storage technology forward in the marketplace, especially with the zippy Corsair MP600 Pro SSD.