Gigabyte AirCruiser Router, Mushkin PC3500 2-2-2 Redline, and more!

Hey everyone :) Following up on Matt Clement's injury, he seems to be ok. The video still makes me cringe though. Anyway, enough of the sports world. ASUS has sent us a press release and some pictures of GeForce 6600GT equipped with their SilentCool VGA cooling technology. It may be big, but when your looking for absolute silence, size is of little concern. Enjoy!

ASUS Launches Silent and Effective Thermal Solution for Latest Graphics Cards
SilentCool Technology Offers Fanless Design to Deliver High-Performance Cooling at 0dB


Taipei, Taiwan; July 25, 2005 - ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of graphics solutions, today introduced SilentCool Technology, a fan-less, noiseless cooling solution for high-performance graphics cards. The all-new thermal innovation operates at 0db for silent operation and reduces GPU (graphics processing unit) by 40?C compared with competing cooling technologies.

"In the past, enhanced video capability also comes with louder noise. With ASUS SilentCool Technology, users can now enjoy high-performance graphics card applications without hearing the noisy cooling fan rotation," said Kent Chien, Director of ASUS Graphics Business.

To provide a fan-less, noiseless thermal solution that also enables high-performance graphics performance, ASUS incorporated several unique innovations.

Larger and efficient heat exchange area
SilentCool included the large heatsink design, which significantly increases heat exchange area for absorbing heat away from the GPU. The hidden heat pipe and stacked fins, both made of copper (a very effective heat conductor), then conduct heat away from the heatsink for fast heat dissipation. SilentCool is similar to technologies used in processor coolers, and reduces GPU temperature by 40?C compared with thermal solutions for competing graphics cards.

Unique mechanical designs
The stacked copper fins are positioned on a unique joint design, which enables the fins to rotate 90?. Depending on the locations of critical components such as the CPU, mosfets or capacitors etc., users can rotate the fins away from these areas for optimal heat dissipation. An additional cooling module attached to the heatsink and extends to the exterior of the PC further lowers GPU temperature by another 6?C


Gigabyte AirCruiser Router @ t-break

"The base of the antenna is magnetic and thus you can easily attach it on any metal surface, even on the side of your chassis. We tried shaking the chassis but the magnet is strong enough to not allow the antenna to drop. Another thing we liked was the unique blue color LED on top of the antenna that blinks every time data is trasnferred- again, adding to the cool-factor."

LaCie F800 2TB External Hard Drive @ CoolTechZone

"If a 800GB storage solution with Raid 0 configuration from G-Tech isn't enough for you, maybe LaCie's F800 2TB HDD would kindle a desire of owning one of these shockingly huge units (in terms of storage). LaCie's F800 comes in three storage capacities – 1TB, 1.6TB and 2TB – with four disks for the 2TB model to total up to its respected capacity."

Mushkin PC3500 2-2-2 Redline @ ipKonfig

"Today's memory seems to keep pushing the limits with the game in mind, and that's a good thing with today's games becoming more and more demanding. So with that in mind, memory manufactures are keeping heads above water and making every effort to give all possible to those pushing their systems."

Casetronic C156 Mini-ITX Case Review @ Epiacenter | Image

"This is amongst the smallest Mini-ITX cases but it still manages to fit an EPIA M(II) motherboard, a slimline optical and a 2.5" HDD (or maybe even two?) and a 60W DC-DC adapter inside. Plus in my opinion it's a very good looking case and I certainly wouldn't mind having it sit on my desk"

Samsung HTP50 1000W Home Theatre @ Bytesector

"A truly impressive package—one of the first from Samsung that can actually up-convert signals to 720P and 1080i, as well as play back music via USB off of a digital audio device. In our tests, we found the image quality to be fairly impressive, but not as g..."

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