A Familiar 4-Slot Beastly Cooler Breaks Cover To Allegedly Tame The GeForce RTX 5090 FE

5090 cooler
With all of the recent NVIDIA talk focused on AI and the skyrocketing success of its data center business, you'd be forgiven for wondering if NVIDIA is still all-in on its GeForce gaming GPUs. Worry not, the next generation GeForce RTX 50 series is coming, and the the flagship GeForcer RTX 5090 is rumored to be an mostrously powerful GPU, which naturally will necessitate a large air cooler to accommodate it. 

Recently shown on the Facebook PCMR page, the oversized 4-slot design for a possible RTX 5090 is truly impressive if true. While a TDP of 450 watts is what the RTX 4090 puts out, the RTX 5090 apparently has also reportedly been tested upwards of 600 watts. Such power demands adequate cooling, and if the pictures are any indication, the RTX 5090 will have that in spades. 

We have seen these pictures before, though. They surfaced during RTX 40 series rumors, with an Identical image last year for a possible RTX 4090 Ti cooler that never saw the light of day. If these designs indicate what will be on the RTX 5090 or not is yet unknown, as the final product can often differ entirely. There is a chance that the cooler would resemble this, but it has been floating around the rumor bay for some time. 

5090 top
Image: Constatin Mirea on Facebook PCMR

From the top down perspective, we can see the power connector nestled in what is a large 4-slot cooler design. According to the poster, it has a supposed 3 PCB design: one for logic, one for display I/O, and one for the PCIe blade, together with the revised power connector. The RTX 4090 is a powerful GPU in its own right, but does not share any of these new designs in totality with the RTX 5090. 

5090 side

The thickness overall is what draws the most attention, and the cooler appears to have a flow through design with multiple fans. Having such a large air cooler does present significant obstacles for the many PC builders, even enthusiasts in high-end PC cases. The RTX 4090 is notoriously known for having had issues related to its power connector. Many users also opted to use Cablemod's 90 degree adapters due to the size of the RTX 4090 for example, which created more issues overall. 

If the images will be the eventual RTX 5090 or not is still up for debate, but it certainly is plausible depending on the heat output needed to be cooled. With a potential release during the end of 2024, gamers worldwide are anticipating the RTX 50 series and what improvements it may bring compared to the stellar 40 series products.