CableMod GPU Adapters Pose A Fire Risk, Recall Issued After $74K In Property Damage

CableMod adapter on a GeForce RTX graphics card.
If you currently own an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPU or just picked up one of the GeForce RTX Super models, CableMod has an important recall you need to be aware of. After a long string of reported issues with melted adapters and other such unfortunate events, a voluntary safety recall is in place for its angled 12VHPWR adapters. 

Appearing on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website with a recall date of February 8th (today), all V1.0 and V.1.1 angled adapters are part of this recall. Alarmingly, the potential risks are listed as potential fire and burn hazards if the male connector becomes loose. About 25,300 total units are listed as part of this recall, which is a significant number in the wild.


Both 90 and 180 degree versions in variants A and B are included in this recall, according to CableMod. In an email to owners, CableMod also states that angled cables are not part of the recall, only its adapters. 

Consumers liked the idea of using CableMod's angled adapters for a myriad of reasons. Due to the large size of GPUs such as NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4090, bulky 12VHPWR cables made it difficult to cable manage and fit in many cases. These adapters allowed users to more neatly route cables out of the way with their angled nature.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission detail on the matter

According to the CPCS notice, there have been 272 reports of incidences, with a reported $74,500 or more in property damage claims. As a bit of good news, there have been no injuries reported to owners, only the physical items. Still, that's a lot of damage for a pesky little piece of plastic.

CableMod warns users to immediately stop using its recalled angled adapters, with important safety instructions listed on its website. In some cases where the adapter has failed completely and potentially melted into the GPU itself, further contact will be required with CableMod customer service to address the issue. 

CableMod is also willing to extend a refund to owners of these products, or $60 store credit to use towards another product. It's also footing the bill for return shipping.

Interestingly enough, YouTuber Northridgefix also posted videos on various GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs that have had issues with damage. While this may or may not be related to any potential adapters, it surely adds to the perceived issues at hand. This makes owners of these GPUs want to double check their expensive piece of hardware more frequently out of caution, even if incidence rates are low.