This Gaming Laptop With A GeForce RTX GPU Rocks An Insanely Fast 600Hz Display

BOE 600hz laptop screen hero
Display industry stalwart BOE has shown off some interesting new products and technologies at the 2022 World Conference on Display Industry (WCDI) event in Chengdu, China. The company showcased products from ranges including ADS Pro, f-OLED, and α-MLED. At the former's booth, there was a new gaming laptop design featuring the headlining 600Hz display.

We don't have lots of details about BOE's 600Hz display, so for clarity, we have bullet pointed all the data below:
  • Panel technology: oxide backplane
  • Size: 16-inch diagonal
  • Refresh rate: 600Hz
  • Response time: "fast"
  • Powered by: NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU and AMD Ryzen CPU
From the 16-inch diagonal, this is obviously a display aimed at the laptop market, and you can see BOE's ADS Pro laptop prototype with the 600Hz display in this article. Sadly, the source article's images don't show the spec sheet in any clarity. It would have been interesting to learn further specs such as the color gamut, screen resolution, and so on.

Pondering over the oxide backplane technology used by this 16-inch panel, that might be the same or similar to either Samsung's LTPO or Sharp's IGZO technology. Whatever the case, we reckon this 600Hz screen option in a laptop is going to add quite a premium to pricing.

Whether there are any benefits to 600Hz displays over previously available laptop screens at 360Hz, is a matter for debate covering topics like human eye biology, perception, and eSports gaming. What we can say is that with NVIDIA's RTX40 series heading to laptops in 2023 (perhaps early 2023), at least mobile computing power is going to be pushing frame rates up to this region, dependent upon games title and resolution.

BOE folding 17 inch screen

ITHome's coverage of BOE's presence at WCDI 2022 didn't end with the stunning 600Hz laptop panel. Other products worthy of note include; a 17.3-inch folding OLED display for tablet / laptop hybrid designs (see image above), a 360° two-way folding display, an 86-inch 4K glass-based active-drive MLED backlight TV, and a 34-inch glass-based Mini LED gaming display.