Sharp Unveils Lust-Worthy 27-Inch HDR 8K IPS IGZO 120Hz Display At CEATEC Japan

sharp 8k 3
Sharp has been hitting it out of the park with display technology recently, and that technological prowess is on full display with the company’s new 27-inch 8K (7680x4320) IPS IGZO display. We’ve seen 8K panels before, but they’re usually on the larger side of the spectrum (i.e. LG’s 98-inch UH9800 8K television).

Sharp’s latest monitor, however, crams all of those pixels into much smaller package at 326 pixels per inch (giving it about the same pixel density as a 4.7-inch Apple iPhone 7). Showcased at the CEATEC technology expo in Japan, the panel supports 120Hz refresh rates at 8K, and has a brightness rating of 1000 nits.

Sharp 8K

Oh, and we should mention that it also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). Pushing over 33 million pixels at 120Hz in HDR at 8K also explains why there are no less than eight DisplayPort cables hanging out the back of this prototype display.

sharp 8k 2

Given that many of us are just now beginning to settle in with 4K (or 5K) desktop monitors, you’re probably going to feel safe with your purchase for at least a few more years. Sharp hasn’t announcing pricing or availability for the display, and it will likely be quite some time before we have powerful enough graphics hardware to allow us to competently game at 8K.

Besides this impressive 27-inch 8K display, Sharp definitely got our attention yesterday with the nearly bezel-less Corner R IGZO smartphone display. Free-Form Display technology allows Sharp to actually add “rounded corners” to the display, making for more organic integration with a smartphone’s unibody chassis.

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