Gamers Can Now Buy Red Dead Gold With Real Cash But At What Cost

Eureka! If you are tired of grinding to earn that Red Dead Online Cattleman Revolver or Arabian horse, you are in luck. Gamers can now purchase gold in Red Dead Online with real life currency. However, is this latest update truly beneficial to players? Many believe that the microtransactions are simply not worth it.

There are two forms of currency in Red Dead Online -- dollars and gold. The regular cash is easier to find and can be used to buy items like weapons, ammo, and camp upgrades. Gold is rarer and intended for luxurious cosmetic items or things that are locked behind a level requirement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars

Gold can now be purchased with real money. Bundles range from $9.99 USD for 25 bars to $99.99 for 350 bars. There is also currently a “one time special offer” of 25 bars for $4.99.

Rockstar’s latest update is in response to the complaints that both dollars and gold are much more difficult to earn in Red Dead Online than they are in Red Dead Redemption 2. When the beta of Red Dead Online first launched, players estimated that it took eight hours to earn one gold bar. Items like a decked-out tent took could only be obtained after nearly 900 hours of grinding. Players were also displeased with the unbalanced in-game economy. A game necessity like a can of beans once cost players $1.50, while a non-essential gold ring rang in at $1.15.

Rockstar has been diligently working to respond to players’ concerns. They increased the cash and gold payments players received for completing missions, reduced the prices of several items, and balanced the prices of pelts, skins, and fish.

red dead online in game

Rockstar has also be giving out currency as a thank you to its players. Gamers who participated in the beta between November 27th and December 6th received $250 of in-game cash and 15 gold bars. If players participate in the beta before December 20th, they will receive an additional 15 gold bars by December 24th.

Is it worth it to purchase gold with your own hard-earned cash? It now requires less effort to earn gold thanks to Rockstar’s recent updates and generosity. Gold is also less necessary in the game than it was when it launched. Some items like horse insurance and fishing rods, that could once only be purchased with gold, can now be purchased with dollars. Rockstar’s gold bundles will likely only appeal to those who are serious about cosmetic upgrades. They have made it easier than ever for casual players to earn currency the traditional way.