G1 Update Already in the Works

T-Mobile sure isn’t wasting any time: The G1 has only officially been available in stores for just a few hours, and the company is already talking about an update, albeit a small one.

Users who purchased via pre-sale should start seeing a notification alerting you to the availability of the over-the-air update tomorrow, with other users getting it around the 31st. People who receive their device after these dates should get it within 2-3 days of activating their phones, and new phones will come preloaded with the update. If you’re one of the unlucky soles who doesn’t get it right away, T-Mobile recommends waiting a bit longer or checking your software version to see if you got it (the new version is RC28) and didn’t know about it.

So what exactly is included with this bundle of goodness, you may ask? Well, T-Mobile is a bit vague, saying it contains “enhancements.” Explaining a bit further, T-Mobile notes that one of the visible fixes makes all songs from Amazon available for listening. Your settings and applications shouldn’t be affected by the update.

Although some users may be yearning for something a bit more involved in an update, remember, this is only the first one. Let’s start with baby steps and go from there, okay?
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