From China: World's First Solar Phone

Today Hi-Tech Wealth Inc., a Chinese company at the forefront of consumer sales and marketing of well-known digital mobile devices, launched the world’s first commercial solar-powered mobile phone, which they call the S116. The S116 integrates Hi-Tech Wealth’s trusted and famous information security technology, a 1.3 MP camera, and supports a T-Flash card. Its advanced technology is protected by 20 patents filed in China.
“When exposed to direct sunlight for 60 minutes, the S116 battery allows for 40 minutes of talk time.”
Moreover, even in weak lighting conditions such as on overcast days, with indoor lighting, or with candle light, the S116 is able to extract enough energy to charge its battery. While the price is a bit steep at $510 USD, Hi-Tech Wealth has already gotten orders for about 50,000 units. No word on when it will hit North America or Europe.
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