Fortnite Season 3 Makes A Big Splash With Flooded Map, Shark Water Skiing And More

Epic Games is promising "hot new surprise" to be found in Fortnite's newly unleashed Chapter 2 Season 3, though players will have plenty of opportunities to cool off in what has essentially become a giant water park. The island's been flooded, though landlubbers need not worry, there are plenty of dry spots to be found as well.

For most, however, water is simply the new normal in Fortnite, at least for the current season.

"Survive more than just the storm in the aftermath of its revenge. As the island adapts to its flooded way of life, stay afloat and take on new challenges," Epic Games says.

Getting to the wet and wild fun that awaits was not without a bit of controversy. As has become customary, a doomsday event befell the end of Season 2, preceded by a countdown timer so players could plan accordingly. Epic Games had recommended logging into Fortnite at least a half hour before the event to account for server strain.

Many did and many others attempted to, but the seemingly inevitable happened—Epic Games announced on Twitter that the event had "reached capacity," leading to several angry comments.

That is in the past now, and as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick would say (if Belicheck ran Epic Games, that is), we are on to Season 3. Yes, there were several delays in getting to this point, and a fumble at the goal line, but here we are.

Many parts of the island are now underwater. This makes for some unique water-driven experiences, like latching onto a shark with a fishing rod and water-skiing from one destination to another. This allows players to ride, steer, and jump across water. Just don't try such a thing in real life.

There are also new marauders to battle. And in a switch from Marvel (via Deadpool) to DC Comics, there is an Aquaman skin (among others), which players will be able to fully unlock through a set of upcoming challenges. As you might have surmised, the skin bears a strong resemblance to Jason Momoa's portrayal of Aquaman.

More will be revealed in the coming weeks.

"As time goes on and water recedes, even more locations will be uncovered, and as the roadways become more open, you'll discover new ways to get around...," Epic Games teases.

For now, however, have fun commandeering sharks.