Where To Find Fortnite Puzzles And Treasure Map Sign Posts This Week

Fortnite might be feeling more pressure from games like Apex Legends of late, but Fortnite is still extremely popular and doing very well with gamers. One of the keys to Fortnite's success is constant updates such as the recently added 8.30 patch that sees the return of Reboot Vans and a new limited time mode called Fly Explosives. This week Fortnite has Season 8 in full swing meaning there are new challenges to compete in. If you disagree with a certain British royal and want to play Fortnite, but need a bit of help check this out.

fortnite map

The folks over at Gamespot cobbled together a map that shows where you can find the jigsaw puzzle pieces that are part of the special challenge this week. Sure it's a bit like cheating so if you are a purist don't look. That said, it's not like Epic is secretive about where it hid the puzzle pieces telling players to look under bridges and in caves. There are seven puzzle pieces players need to find in all.

This next bit is another spoiler; you have been warned. When you assemble all the puzzle pieces, they form an image of an alien-looking creature and then disappear. Whether or not this is foreshadowing of something coming to the game is unknown, but you do get five Battle Stars for completing the challenge.

The challenges this week also involve players finding treasure map signposts. If you complete that challenge, you get more Battle Stars. These missions and limited time modes are a big part of what makes Fortnite so popular and keeps players coming back to the game. A little Fortnite might be exactly what gamers need to get through the long Easter weekend.