Fortnite 8.30 Patch Now Live With Groovy Reboot Vans And High Explosive LTM

Fortnite Van
It was kind of a big deal when Epic Games put rideable shopping carts into Fortnite, its wildly popular and free-to-play battle royale shooter. Rather than rest on its laurels, Epic Games has been constantly adding new content. The latest update—version 8.30—adds even more goodies to the title, the highlight of which is a Reboot Van.

What the hell is a Reboot Van? It looks like something Scooby Doo and the gang would drive around in Fortnite, if those characters existed in that world. There is more to the Reboot Van than its groovy aesthetic, though—it's a functional piece of equipment that appears to be a direct response to a concept in Apex Legends.

Reboot Vans allow dead characters to come back to life. Whenever a teammate is eliminated, they drop a Reboot Card, which living teammates can collect to revive a fallen comrade. The Reboot Card stays active for 90 seconds. During that time, a teammate has to collect the card and bring it to a Reboot Van, which can be found scattered about in various places on the map, to bring the fallen teammate back to life. The Reboot Van then goes into a cool down period for two minutes.

The concept is similar to bringing teammates back to life in Apex Legends, minus the funky vans.

Fortnite's latest patch also introduces a limited time mode (LTM) called Fly Explosives. This mode combines the High Explosives LTM with the Jetpack. Only explosives can be found in this mode.

"Take to the skies and blast everyone else back to the lobby!," Epic Games says.

Beyond the Reboot Vans and the explosive LTM, the latest patch introduces over a dozen bug fixes, including one that was occasionally preventing weapon fire from queuing for shotguns after switching weapons without re-pressing the fire key. Pirate Cannons should no longer get stuck in an indefinite horizontal position, either.

This is perhaps one of the more interesting updates in a long time. While the developers have been good about adding new content, this newest patch is clearly influenced by Apex Legends, a newcomer to the battle royal genre. it looks as though Epic Games and Respawn Entertainment will be keeping one another on their toes.