Fortnite Fortbyte #53 Has You Bust A Move To Raise A Disco Ball In This Villain's Crib

Fortnite’s latest Fortbyte challenge has player’s embracing their inner disco fever. Fortnite players can obtain Fortbyte #53 by dancing it out to raise a disco ball. This particular challenge will also require a dancing partner who is down to cut some rug with you.

Players will need to grab at least one friend and head to a villain lair. The lair is located on the northern mountains that are east of the Snobby Shores. It is also the location where a rocket was launched in a previous season. You will then need to drop to the bottom of the lair to find a disco ball and two dance pads. Each player will need to hop onto a dance pad and shake proverbial booty to raise the disco ball. Once the disco ball has reached its maximum height, one player can grab the Fortbyte.

fortnite fortbyte 53 guille gag
Image via Guille Gag

“Fortbytes” are a new feature that were introduced in Fortnite Season 9. They are numbered computer chips that can be obtained by completing various challenges. There is a different challenge each day and an additional challenge on Sunday every other week.

Each earned Fortbyte contains a single tile of an unusual looking Loading Screen. It is believed that the full loading screen will be revealed at the end of Season 9 and that the screen will drop hints about Season 10. Other Fortbytes have required users to earn a certain amount of XP, reach certain Battle Pass Tiers, and finish in the top ten of various categories.

fortnite fortbyte 53 disco ball

Epic Games is continuously updating Fortnite with new content. Patch v9.30 was introduced a little over a week ago and includes new items like the Chug Splash. The Chug Splash is a consumable item that can heal a player or up to three of their teammates. The update also includes two new islands, several light and color settings, and a few new modes.

Epic Games will need to continue to pump new features into Fortnite to compete with games such as Apex Legends. Apex Legends took the world by storm this past winter. The game launched in February and boasted more than 50 million players within a month. Apex Legends is set to soon launch its second season, which will include dragons and a leviathan. It will be interesting to see whether Apex Legend’s second season will recruit additional Fortnite players.