Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Launch Trailer Teases Wicked Flyers And Big Changes

Apex Legends is set to launch Season 2 soon and with the new season will come some big changes to the game. The launch trailer for Season 2 has landed, and it teases that "Kings Canyon will never be the same." We see in the still shot for the trailer the dragons, which have been dubbed Flyers. We also see the giant eye of the Leviathan that has been seen moving closer to the shore.

apex legends season 2

The trailer is called Battle Charge, and it shows a lot of the new hero Wattson that many are looking forward to. Other tidbits in the trailer include the Levithan stomping its way onto the land. The trailer also appears to show Crypto using his laptop to allow the Flyers and the Levithan to come into Kings Canyon.

We learned this month that Respawn has no plans at all to launch a sequel to Apex Legends (i.e. Apex Legends 2). Producer Drew McCoy went so far as to say that there would never be an Apex Legends 2. 

Ahead of Season 2 kicking off, EA and Respawn have been working hard to ban cheaters that ruin the fun for everyone. Back in May, the game saw the launch of a legend called Octane, who is featured heavily in the new trailer for Season 2.

Apex Legends competitor Fortnite received a v9.30 update this month that brought with it some changes. One of the new bits was the Chug Splash for Battle Royale that allows players to shoot a six-pack of Chug Splash onto the battlefield and anyone caught in the splash zone is healed for 20 points of health. However, a knockout player in the splash zone stays knocked out longer.