Fortnite v9.30 Update Brings Chug Splash And Sneaky Creative Prop Hunt

Fornite Chug Splash
Epic Games is rolling out a new update to Fortnite (patch v9.30), with one of the main new features being the addition of Chug Splash to Battle Royale. This "tasty new beverage" is sort of a healing grenade—players chuck the six-pack onto the battlefield and anyone caught within the radius of the splashed liquid is healed for +20 health. If someone already has full health, they will receive +20 shield instead.

Just be careful when flinging the six-pack. Anyone caught in the splash radius receives a boost to their health or shield, including not only the person who threw it and allies that were targeted, but enemies as well. In addition, another delicious side effect is it can extend the duration of the 'knocked' state for knocked players.

As is usually the case, the latest update adds a boatload of goodies, so Chug Splash is far from the only new feature. Creative mode gains a Prop-o-Matic tool in which players can transform into a prop and conceal themselves from enemies. Players can, quite literally, make themselves a sitting duck with this tool.

"Use this tool and new game settings to create your own Prop Hunt game!," Epic Games says.

There are a couple of new islands to explore as well: The Wasteland and Caldera. Players also have some new dials for configuring outdoor lighting and fog. New settings include Light Brightness, Light Color, Fog Thickness, and Fog Color. Epic Games notes that lighting and fog effects can look different depending on the platform.

Limited Time modes for this round include Sniper Shootout Duos (sniper rifles only), Trios (classic Battle Royale with three-person squads), and Solid Gold Squads (fight to the finish using Legendary weapons).

There are plenty of bug fixes and other tweaks, way too many to cover here. Bug fixes and adjustments that apply to gameplay include the following...
  • The Max Initial Team Size setting was not being enforced in some cases.
  • Players were spawning without their starting inventory.
  • A networking issue would occur with physics collision that was causing “jump fatigue” issues with certain props.
  • Explosive Device sound effects could be muted while the match start cue was playing.
  • Sound cues at the end and beginning of Rounds was not properly triggering.
  • The Capture Item Spawner was not displaying the related item name during interactions in the Activity Feed.
All of this really just scratches the surface of the lengthy patch notes—hit the link in the Via field below to see everything that is new.