Fortnite Batman Crossover Event Reveal Set For September 21st

A new Fortnite crossover event is coming soon, and the reveal for the event is set for Saturday, September 21st. The reveal will be for the Fortnite x Batman crossover with the stream starting at 8 am ET. Gamers on pacific time will need to get up early on a Saturday morning as that works out to 5 am PT.

fortnite batman

For anyone wondering why the reveal was set for a Saturday morning, September 21st is Batman Day. Fortnite is becoming rather known for crossover events, and in the past, there have been crossovers to celebrate other comic book characters with the Avengers crossover. A John Wick event has been held as well as crossover events for Borderlands 3 and Stranger Things.

Anyone wanting to watch can check out the live stream unveil on YouTube via the embed above. Presumably, the content will be archived at the same link after the unveil is over for those who choose to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Past leaks have hinted at some of what gamers can expect in the Fortnite x Batman event.

Leaks have claimed that Tilted Towers will turn into Gotham City for a limited time. Bat Signals will be in place outside of Gotham City along with a Batman Grapnel gun available in different matches. A special weapon, Batman's Batarang, that homes in on enemies, sticks to walls, and explodes when an enemy is near is among the special items. Fortnite fans will know everything the event will offer tomorrow.