Fortnite 10.31 Update Adds Cross Platform Voice Chat, Batman Event With Explosive Batarang Coming

Fortnite Party Hub
Epic Games is now dishing up its v10.31 patch for Fortnite, and while it is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, there are some interesting tidbits. Among the highlights is a new Party Hub feature. The Party Hub is available on mobile and brings cross-platform voice chat to the mix, as well as being able to see which friends are online and start a party.

For now, communication via Party Hub is restricted to voice chat—players are not able to message their friends. However, Epic Games says "work is in progress" to add the ability to message friends through the Party Hub. That said, players who are not in a match are able to voice chat with friends who are in matches. Players can also join a friend who is in-game while in the Party Hub.

It's basically a supped-up chatroom. There is a fairly extensive FAQ on the Party Hub feature that is worth checking out for more info.

The usual round of bug fixes and general improvements have found their way into the v10.31 patch. In terms of gameplay, Final Storm Circles will not longer occur at Moisty Palms, Greasy Grove, Titled Town, Retail Row, and Pressure Plant, in core and Arena modes.

Players will also find that Pickaxes are re-enabled. Epic Games fixed an issue that was preventing AC/DC Pickaxes and the Star Wand not doing the intended amount of damage. Ziplines are back as well, with Epic Games resolving an issue in which they could give players in unintended effect.
While the release notes are somewhat of a snoozer overall, it appears as though an exciting Fornite X Batman event is in the wings. There have been numerous leaks of Batman-themed items, including an Explosive Batarang.

"Batman's Batarang. Homes in on players and sticks to walls. Explodes if it detects enemies in proximity," the Explosive Batarang's description reads.

In addition to new weapons, there are Batman-theme cosmetics and even a new POI. If the leaks are accurate, Titled Towers will turn into Gotham City for a limited time. There will also be a bunch of Fornite X Batman challenges, such as light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City and using a Batman Grapnel Gun in different matches.

The surprise crossover looks like it could be a lot of fun, provide you are a fan of Batman (and who isn't?).