Flexiglow Keyboard, VIA MoBo, BTX Article and More

Good evening friends, welcome back :)  Things around the HH labs have quieted down for the night.  However, before we dive between the sheets for a bit of shuteye, we have a tasty bedtime snack for you.  With a killer "case" mod, some insight into BTX MoBo's and a few other swank articles, you should rest at ease knowing you are on top of the hardware scene ;)  Here is your nightcap...

Flexiglow Illuminated Keyboard @ ASE Labs

"Flexiglow is a pretty well-known name in the computer modding field. Their products focus mainly on lighting enhancements. Today, we'll take a look at their new lighted keyboard and see if it is worth your money. Read on... "

ATI Radeon X800 Pro Group Comparison – ASUS, Power Color and GeCube @ TweakTown

"We've had a few new ATI Radeon X800 Pro graphics cards pass through our labs in the last month. While the performance of each is usually exactly the same, we thought it would be interesting to put together a group comparison of X800 Pro's from ASUS, Power Color and GeCube and take a look at the cards and their packages, not to forget the benchmark numbers."

VIA EPIA CL6000E Motherboard @ Overclockers Australia

"The fairly small (by modern standards) passive aluminium heatsink used to cool the Eden processor. When I took it off, it had a small smear of white thermal grease underneath. It's held on with two push-pins, and is very similar to a passive northbridge heatsink you might find on many full-size motherboards."

Getting Ready for BTX @ PC Stats

"Thus far, motherboards have remained pretty stable in terms of size, shape, and the location of cable connectors and such. Long ago, the AT standard morphed into ATX, the current day standard which outlines exactly where components are located on a board. The ATX 2.0 standard (the second revision of ATX) made way for a small assortment of sizes like Micro-ATX, Flex-ATX and so forth. Yet, no matter what the size of the motherboard, whether it be for a small form factor PC, or a desktop PC, the location of components like PCI slots, processor, and I/O ports (PS/2, USB, network, parallel, and serial) are all essentially the same. Several months ago consumers found out that Intel had plans to change all this. Called BTX, this new standard is as yet unapplied, but will eventually force you to toss out all your good hardware and purchase new parts; at the very least a case, motherboard and power supply which conform to the standard."

Glasperlenspiel, the heart mod @ PC Unleash

"Nothing new and original, you say? Well then, take a look! This one is definitely out of the box. When I first saw the work of the modding artist, Yang (Jae Chul), I was definitely surprised by how this individual had managed to unleash his creativity. This is his masterpiece, and I would like to share it with the entire world."

Logisys Armor Mid Tower Chassis @ ExtremeMHz

"One of the nice things about having the ATX format hang around for such a long time is that manufacturers are not afraid to commit the resources to building some really neat cases. Even so, if you'd asked five years ago for a gaming case, most would have looked at you like you were a Martian. With the propensity of new gaming cases hitting the market in the last year, one can safely assume they're here to stay. Today I'll be looking at a brand new model – the Armor Case from Logisys Computer. With sharp looks and competitive features it seems to be a very nice case...but let's take a closer look and make sure!"

Looks like that is it for now friends, I will catch tomorrow :) - Cheers

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