First Looks from Taiwan - ABIT's new identity, AM2 stuff, etc

If you're hungry for new tech, this is a good snack. TweakTown has some good shots of some upcoming products from ABIT, and a little bit on AMD's new AM2 technology(no surprises though).

"ABIT's upcoming AM2 motherboards are pretty much complete and ready to go. ABIT will release their "Fatal1ty" AN9 32X motherboard in June and boards should be shipping at the same time. On the other hand, ABIT are still working hard on Intel Conroe based motherboards. From what we have learned so far, Intel won't be releasing any new high-end chipsets till the end of the year and the Conroe processor will use the 975X and 965 chipset. Keep in mind Conroe processors will not work on your current 975X based motherboard due to the power requirement changes of the new CPU which claim to use 40% less power but provide 40% more performance clock for clock."


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