Extreme FX-55 Overclocking, ASUS S-presso SFF System, and more!

Hey folks, after a long day of battling internet problems, I'm here to bring you a news update. Feel the need for speed? Check out the review Madshrimps has sent us, which takes the FX-55 through some serious overclocking. Also on the list is a SFF system from ASUS, X-Bit lab's Best of 2004, Zalman's CNPS7700-Cu Heatsink Fan, and a review of Gigabyte's GA-K8NXP-SLI. Read on, and enjoy the news!

Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI (NVIDIA nForce4 SLI) @ hardwarezone

"Need more SLI motherboard options? If you do, then sink into this review as we find out what Gigabyte's SLI motherboard had in store and how it fared against MSI's own option. Supporting 12 storage devices, DPS, Dual BIOS, WLAN, FireWire-800 and much more, it's a monster board!"

The Best of 2004: X-bit labs Readers' Choice Awards @ X-Bit labs

"The results of our annual 2004 Readers' Choice poll have been summarized and the winners have been finally identified. 12 prestigious awards have been given by over 20,000 of regular X-bit labs readers. Let's find out, who the winners are!"

Trapped under ICE: Extreme FX-55 overclocking @ Madshrimps

"When you have the fastest CPU (at stock speeds) on the planet, you just have to push it further, although phase change cooling can get your underway, LN2 is bound to give you the edge. Let´s pour a few litres on this blazingly fast A64 FX-55 to see how high it can fly."

ASUS S-presso SFF System Review @ Rojak Pot

"Like coffee as well as small form factor PCs? Then you will be interested in the new SFF system from ASUS. Christened the ASUS S-presso, is this new SFF system really your cup of coffee? Read on and find out!"

Zalman CNPS7700-Cu Heatsink Fan @ PC Perspective

"The CNPS7700-Cu certainly lives up to Zalman's reputation for delivering high performance cooling solutions with minimal noise. The CNPS7700-Cu delivers the best cooling performance to noise ratio yet for any of their coolers. The build quality is excellent and installation proved to be very straightforward and easy (on the AMD K8 platform tested)."