Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Interview

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is really shaping up to be one incredible looking game. From the new advances to the Doom 3 engine such as MegaTexture technology, to the refinement of the gameplay that made the original Enemy Territory famous, Quake Wars could be the next great online game. In their latest interview, Beyond3D has a quick chat with Arnout van Meer, ETQW's Technical Director, talking about what's under the hood of ET:QW.

"The team is hard at work on the game and finishing up the demo they will let people play in a couple of weeks at E3 but Arnout van Meer, ETQW's Technical Director, graciously answered a few questions about the game's improved renderer. Like most at the company, Arnout comes from the mod community where he worked on Quake 3 Fortress and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as Lead Programmer"


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