Emdoor Unveils First Handheld Gaming PC With An Intel Meteor Lake CPU Inside

hero emdoor gaming handheld godofwar
Spotted by sleuths at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair this past weekend, footage of what is likely the most interesting product showcased at the fair has come to light. Laptop OEM Emdoor is getting ready to launch its first gaming-focused product, and that's an 8" gaming handheld that you'll see pictured throughout here.

If we're being honest, the "EM-GP080MTL" handheld itself doesn't actually seem particularly remarkable. It does appear to have a really nice 8" LCD in 1920×1200 resolution—bigger and sharper than that of the Steam Deck—and you can equip it with 32GB of memory, which is pretty unusual in these handhelds.

emdoor specs2

Still, the really interesting part of this device is what powers it: an Intel Meteor Lake-H SoC in the 20-to-35W range that includes integrated Arc 5 graphics. Unfortunately, Emdoor's representative declined to make any performance claims, and neither does the company's information placard for the handheld. In fact, the company doesn't even elaborate on the CPU model name or its core count.

emdoor power monitor
3058 MHz on the GPU is extremely impressive, if accurate.

The rep does show the camera the device's power tuning app for a moment, though. In that moment, we can see that the device has at least eight cores, and that they clock at least as high as 3066 MHz. We can also see that the GPU seems to clock to 3058 MHz, although that number never seems to change at any point, even when the TDP indicator reads a value less than 3 watts, so we're not completely sure that's working correctly.

emdoor top
The top and back of the device, showing the air vents and dual "full-function" USB-C ports.

In any case, Emdoor does briefly show the system running a relatively-recent game: the 2018 God of War game for PS4 that got re-released for PCs early last year. Admittedly that game isn't the most demanding thing around given that it originates on the PlayStation 4, but it does appear to be running smoothly without graphical artifacts, so the GPU in this thing is probably reasonably beefy.

emdoor windows
Demonstrating that the handheld runs Windows 11.

The concept of an Intel-powered gaming handheld isn't completely novel; in fact, some of the first devices of this type (like the original GPD Win) were actually driven by Intel processors back when AMD's chips were too power-thirsty for this to be practical. These days, AMD's typically beating Intel in terms of power efficiency; Emdoor's rep admits that the gaming handheld has "less than one hour" of battery life while gaming, but quickly notes that it depends on the setting in the power management app.

Emdoor's device looks more similar in terms of specifications to Lenovo's Legion Go handheld than devices like the ASUS ROG Ally or Valve's Steam Deck. We like the dual USB-C ports as well as the USB-A port on the bottom and the flip-out stand. Emdoor hasn't announced pricing, but then, Intel hasn't even officially-announced its lineup of Meteor Lake processors yet, so who knows when or for how much you'll be able to snag one of these.