EE Times Article, Corsair 1GB DDR2 and More

Good evening everyone, how was the work day?  Nothing to exciting happened at my end of the world this afternoon.  I did however place an order for some new hardware from FrozenCPU at lunch time.  The bad thing is that it got me thinking about setting up a new liquid cooling system... If anyone has any suggestions for a good setup for an AMD64 system, drop me a line....

Here is your news...

 EE Times Article: Polymer electronics yet to realize promise

"Polymer electronics' low carrier mobility limits the switching frequency of printed transistors to a few hundred kilohertz. Because of their low line carrier mobility, components can handle relatively high voltages between 15 and 50 V. What most polymer electronics technologies offer is a cost-efficient printing capability using a reel-to-reel process with geometries as small as 10 micron."

 Corsair 1GByte DDR2 Twin2X Matched Memory Pair @ Hexus

"DDR2 memory is here to stay. Intel has decided that future scalability is more important than immediate performance. Corsair's 1GBye DDR2 Twin2X pack debuts in at a blistering DDR533 speed. Just in case it sounds slow, that's high-end, premium DDR territory. What's more, Corsair is already marketing DDR2 that runs at, wait for it, an effective speed of 667MHz."

 ASUS W1B00Na Family of Notebooks @ X-bit Labs

"Today we would like to introduce to you a new W1 series notebook from ASUS based on Intel Pentium M 715 CPU on Dothan core and featuring an integrated TV-tuner. "Wise for your mind, wide for your eyes, wild for your soul". Let's find out if this is really true."

 Crucial Radeon X800 PRO 256MB @ Hexus

"It's safe to say that any card, and I mean any card, based on the R420 GPU will be a good one. Greater rendering parallelism and higher core and memory speeds ensure that benchmark performance will be stellar. That point of view is corroborated by decent benchmark results from Crucial's X800 PRO. If, then, all X800 PROs are considered to be 'good', what makes one better than another?. What immediately springs to mind are cards that arrive pre-clocked at higher-than-default levels, or ones that bundle in the very latest games, or, for most buyers, the ones that are the cheapest."

 Silverstone Temjin 5 SST-TJ05-B Case Review @ 3DX

"Today 3DXtreme is presenting a refresher to an earlier review we had posted. Recently we posted a review of the SilverStone Temjin TJ-05 ATX Case. We ran into a few issues with the Case and SilverStonetek quickly provided another one, this time in black and without the integrated fan controller. SilverStone provided this Case to see if we experienced the same issues, hoping it was damage that occurred in transit we proceeded to move our whole system into this new TJ05B Case. We decided to deliver this as a separate Case review, due to the fact that this Case lacked the fan controller and had a lower purchase price. Let's see how this Case fared regarding the issues we experienced and if this model of the TJ05 delivered more than just a replacement product."

Be good folks, I will see you in a few :) - Cheers

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