EA And Dice Announce New Battlefield User Interface As Well As A DX11 And DX12 Toggle

Electronic Arts and Dice are busy putting the final touches on Battlefield 1 in preparation for its release on October 21, but it's not the only Battlefield title receiving attention. There's a new user interface in the works, one that's currently rolling out in beta form to a small audience playing Battlefield 4 before being made available to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield Hardline as well.

Battlefield 4

The new UI is supposed to make playing with friends easier. You'll be able to create a squad before you even enter a game, along with have the ability to switch between Battlefield titles. The revamped UI will also help ensure that you're able to spawn on your buddies as soon as you're in game, saving you the hassle of trying to find each other.

"There are other changes as well that you’ll want to see for yourself, like a recommendation engine to suggest maps, modes, and more, giving you a more relevant and fine-tuned experience that quickly gets you to the things you want to do," EA states in a blog post announcing the new UI.

Battlefield DirectX 12
Source: DigitalFoundry

In related news Battlefield 1 is currently running in a closed alpha, which has led to several gameplay videos showing up on YouTube. In one of them, you can see a new setting that allows gamers to toggle between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The game is running at 1440p with settings "maxed out" on an Intel Core i7 processor based on Skylake and NVIDIA's mighty GeForce GTX 1080.

EA and Dice haven't said whether or not Battlefield 1 will ship with DirectX 12 support, though with there being a toggle at this stage of the game's development, it would appear that it will at least be an option for those who can run it. However, we don't suspect it will be a requirement, not if EA and Dice are looking to reach as wide an audience as possible.