Doom Open Beta Chainsaws Onto PS4, Xbox One And Steam This Weekend Only, See You In Hell!

doom 3
If you’re a fan of the Doom franchise and have fostered an itchy trigger finger at the prospect of blasting opponents into giblet with your shotgun, your time has finally come. The Doom multiplayer open beta is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and via Steam.

Now granted, this multiplayer beta is only open through the weekend, and there will only be two maps to choose from during its brief period of availability. Likewise, you’ll have to contend with just two game modes, one playable demon and just seven weapons. Sure, it’s limited, but we’ll take what we can get at this point.

After being teased with multiple gameplay trailers and the most recent cinematic trailer, gamers were expecting to be wowed by the multiplayer beta. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need to set your expectations a bit lower. The beta has nearly 2,900 reviews as of this writing and Steam lists its overall rating as “Mostly Negative” with 38 percent of the reviews coming in as positive.

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Many users have complained about loadouts, weapons balance, the pacing of the game and its similarity to the Call of Duty franchise. Some users have even complained that the devs have catered to the lower common denominator — namely, consoles.

“This is quite possible the worst console/casualized PC franchise yet,” writes ViralOmega. “Not only does do away with all mechanics and twitchiness of the Doom series it also dumbs it down further by forcing loadouts on players and making the most obvious Halo wannabe ever. Apparently the people that made this multi worked on CoD Ghosts, Halo 2, and Halo 4.”

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But don’t take their word for it; go try out the beta for yourself and see if this latest incarnation of Doom lives up to the legacy of its predecessors. And if you decide to stay in for the long haul, the game will be released on May 13th.