Doom Demons, Power Weapons And Power-Ups Unveiled In Latest Blood-Thirsty Trailer

Just like other hardcore gamers out there, we’re eagerly awaiting id Software's next DOOM release, which is still quite a ways off from its May 13th launch. There’s plenty for everyone including a single player campaign, which is expected to last about 13 hours, or for those who want to tear it up (literally) online through the game's huge multiplayer mode.

When details were released about the multiplayer component earlier this month, we found out that we could do something unexpected: we can become the demon. This marks the first time since the DOOM series began that players will have the ability to do that, and as you'd imagine, it's going to result in some insane gameplay.

As is typical of the trailers we've seen up to this point, id Software isn't revealing all of what we can expect. While we're going to be able to play as four different demons, we're only told about two: the ultra-large and in charge Baron of Hell, and the nimble and quick Prowler. For power-ups, we're teased with invisibility and quad damage, and for weapons, some classics are making a return including the Gauss Cannon, BFG, and of course, the chainsaw.

Given all we've seen from DOOM multiplayer so far, it really seems like this game could offer a truly fresh experience in an online FPS. What other game lets you smash a multiplayer combatant's head in the wall or bite it right off? We can't think of one!

DOOM Demon Multiplayer

It's clear that DOOM is going to offer one heck of a bloody good time, and that the game's May 13th release can't get here soon enough.