Doom: Now Playable On A TI-Nspire Calculator

Is it really possible to play Doom...on a calculator? You may think that one would have just as good a chance at making that happen as ever seeing Duke Nukem Forever, but in the case of the former, it's a reality. Doom has found its way onto a Texas Instruments calculator, and the entire geek world is in a tizzy about it. The actual build is called nDoom, which is a modified version of the original that's designed to work on less powerful machines. The TI-Nspire is the calculator of choice, and while you may not expect such a device to have enough graphical power to truly pull this off, this whole thing is definitely a case of "you've got to see it to believe it." And that's why there's a video below. Good luck trying to replicate it, and remember, no Doom in class! Okay, maybe a little...

Via:  Omnimaga
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