Hellish Ultimate DOOM 6.66 Update Unlocks All Multiplayer DLC, Free Weekend Starts Today

Bethesda says "there's never been a time to go to Hell," and that is exactly where the publisher wants to send you. Not literally, of course—Bethesda is talking about its Doom reboot. To make the notion of heading down into the fiery underworld more appealing, Bethesda is rolling out what it calls the "ultimate" Doom experience with a brand new 6.66 update patch and a free weekend of game play.

The new patch includes a whole bunch of fixes and improvements across multiplayer and SnapMap. It also unlocks every bit of multiplayer DLC as Bethesda retires its season pass. That means gamers now have access to all three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine of Bethesda's best maps for Doom, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets, and more. That is in addition to more modes and features, such as bot support.


"With this update, we’ve changed when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment and all of the player and weapon customization options. Instead of relying on the current random unlock system, everything now unlocks through specific leveling requirements and/or in-game challenges. Now, if there’s a specific helmet you want, you can work toward unlocking it by focusing your play style on the related challenge," Bethesda explains.

As part of this update, all veteran players are being reset to level 0. Bethesda says not to panic though, that is just the level number—veteran players will have the option to completely reset their unlock progression items to experience the new progression system fresh, if they desire, or retain all of their existing guns, equipment, demons, and customization unlocks that they've either acquired or purchased. If going the latter route, the revised progression system will be in effect for any remaining items that players have not yet acquired.

Other changes include a new Runes System that replaces the Hack Module System (it's similar to the Runes system from the Doom campaign), an overhauled in-game HUD with better callouts for challenges, a revised kill card, and other relatively minor updates.

If you are new to Doom, you can play for free this weekend. It kicks off at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, July 20, on Xbox One and 1:00 PM ET on PC, and at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, July 27 on PlayStation 4. Bethesda has also slashed the price of Doom for those want to purchase the game—it will be offered this weekend for $15 as a digital download.
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