Doom Unloads Hell’s Fury On Gamers With Ferocious Arcade Mode And New Multiplayer Options


You wanted it and Bethesda is delivering it—a new and much anticipated Arcade Mode that brings all out mayhem to the 2016 Doom reboot by way of a free update, the fourth major one to date. This particular one turns the traditional campaign mode on its head and unleashes hell by letting you run amuck with all guns, Runes, and equipment upgrades fully unlocked from the get-go.

"Customize your Doom Marine's gear, guns and Praetor suit before each run to see what combinations will give you an edge. Compete against friends and players worldwide for the highest score by attacking demons quickly, avoiding their attacks and grabbing multipliers along the way. This is a perfect opportunity to replay one of the best single-player FPS experiences of 2016, and for the speed runners out there to make their mark. Good luck!," Bethesda states in a blog post.

In addition to Arcade Mode, the update brings with it a pair of new multiplayer modes. One is called Possession, which mixes things up by adding a Powlers versus Marine mode pitting a team of marines against a bunch of player-controller Prowler demons. To make things interesting (and more challenging), marines that are killed respawn as Prowler demons, so there's added incentive to be careful.

The other mode is Bloodrush. It's a twist on the free-for-all modes that forces players to manage their Bloodrush meter in order to respawn. Kills and adds add to your Bloodrush meter, which slowly drains over time and drains a lot if you're killed. The meter picks up speed and drains faster as the match drags, with gameplay continuing until there's just one player left.

Outside of new game modes, the update adds Classic Doom modules to SnapMap. This allows players to build and play new maps using assets based on the original games. To get things started, id Software created some classic maps, which should get the creative juices flowing.