Did Microsoft Finally Fix HDR Rendering With This Windows 11 Cumulative Update?

Windows 11 Cumulative Update May Fix HDR Color Rendering

Microsoft has released a major update for Windows 11, that supposedly fixes an issue that’s plagued the operating system for years. The latest build of Windows 11 updates a known issue with HDR color rendering, among a few other things.

Probably the biggest fix for the new Windows 11 operating system is with applications having problems rendering colors correctly on high dynamic range (HDR) displays. Specifically, it caused issues in image editing programs that use color-rendering Win32 APIs. White displays in bright yellow or other colors.

Windows 11 Cumulative Update May Fix HDR Color Rendering

The fix is included in January 2022’s monthly non-security “C” preview, Windows 11 KB5008353 cumulative update. You can install it by going to Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates. It’s an optional Windows update, so you’ll be prompted to manually click Download and install to kick it off.

Other highlights of the update include:

  • Fixing an issue that causes the audio service to stop responding on some devices that support hardware-accelerated Bluetooth audio.
  • Resolving an issue that affects icons for apps when the apps are not running. On the taskbar, these icons might display as active, as if the apps are running even though they’re not.
  • Adding a new Your Microsoft Account page to the Accounts category in Windows Settings for Home and Professional editions.
  • Updating an issue that incorrectly shows the volume icon in the taskbar as muted.
  • Fixing an issue causing a device to stop working when it’s connected to multiple displays.
  • Updates for an issue that affects the auto-hide feature of the taskbar. The taskbar might not reliably appear when you hover over the primary or secondary display.
  • Resolving an issue that might prevent icons from appearing on the taskbar of a secondary display.
  • Improves auto brightness to provide a better response under low light conditions on all the supported systems.
  • Updates daylight savings time for users in Jordan, to begin in February 2022 instead of March 2022.
  • Adds the HelpWith feature, which uses Microsoft Bing technologies to suggest Help topics that are relevant for each Settings page.
  • Updates an issue that displays outdated battery percentages for connected Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth and other devices page in Settings.

There are a number of other improvements and fixes in the update. Full details can be found in the release notes.