Diamond Press Release, Smart Drive 2002 Enclosure, Radeon 9250 and More

Good evening friends, how are you doing?  I just got back from a ride on my new toy.  It has been a while since I have been out riding, so my body is a bit upset at.  I think it will take a little while before it is used to that much exertion.  However, just because my body needs a rest, doesn't mean that my mind does.  Here is your evening shot of juice...


Los Angeles, California <August 31, 2004> -- Diamond Multimedia, a leading provider of graphics accelerator cards for PCs, today announced a partnership with Eidos Inc. to bundle Eidos games with the Diamond Viper and Diamond Stealth graphics accelerator cards. Diamond Viper cards are shipping this week with a three-game bundle including full versions of Deus Ex: Invisible War, Hitman 2, and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. In addition to Diamond Viper, selected Diamond Stealth graphic cards include a full version of Deus Ex. Both bundles are included with the graphics accelerator cards to offer enhanced value for customers at no additional cost.

"We are very excited to partner with Eidos to include great game bundles for our customers," said Diamond Multimedia senior marketing manager, Mark Geller. "Eidos creates many of the top games for the PC and we are pleased to work with them to provide additional value for our customers and further differentiate the Diamond Viper and Diamond Stealth graphics accelerator cards in the marketplace.

"By partnering with a graphics card leader like Diamond, Eidos can increase our reach into the gaming market and expand our awareness with gaming buyers," said Tom Marx, business development manager for Eidos. "Diamond is well-known for providing excellent game bundles with its graphics cards and this is a great way to continue the tradition. We look forward to a very successful partnership."

 Smart Drive 2002 Enclosure @ TechTastic.ca

"One of the newer trends happening with computer enthusiasts today is to build a silent PC.
These users have said " i've had enough with multiple fans screaming like a jet engine!"
and they pay particular attention to computer components that will give them peace and quiet while keeping their systems cool. Well today we be taking a look at the Smart Drive 2002 enclosure thats supposed to reduce hard drive noise by up to four decibels."

 PowerColor Radeon 9250 Videocard Review @ PCStats

"We usually focus on higher end parts here at PCStats.com, but in ths review we'll be evaluating the little PowerColor ATI Radeon 9250 videocard. The Powercolor Radeon 9250 retails for just $62 CDN ($47 US), and does not come with much else other than a driver CD, CyberLink DVD software suite, a S-Video-to-composite converter, composite-to-composite cable and a half height mounting bracket great. For $47USD, that's not bad!"

 HIS X600 XT VIVO PCI Express GFX Adapter Reviewed @ MetkuMods

"All of the eight memory modules are passively cooled with shiny aluminum heatsinks. With all this metal, HIS makes sure that you will be getting most out of your purchase and allow you to get some pretty impressive overclocking results in the process."

 nPowerTek TTIC NPH-201 Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech

"The Thermal Transtech International Corp. NPH-201 Socket A heatsink is nifty little cooler. It has a copper column, 25mm in diameter, with a chemical coating on the inside that works to the same effect as a wick in a traditional heatpipe... at least as far as we can glean from TTICs patent on the technology."

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