DFI Press Release, 3.6 GHz Prescott, DFI NF2 Ultra B and More

Good day brothers and sisters, how are you doing?  Yesterday I broke down and bought a new mountain bike, the Giant XTC2.  It was a little more money then I was thinking of spending, but  6'5" just doesn't feel safe on a cheap bike ;)

News? Of course I have some...

DFI Unveils New Flagship LANParty™ 925X-T2 Motherboard

Hayward, CA (July 20, 2004) –DFI(R), a worldwide leader in corporate stable and performance desktop motherboard solutions, today launched the highly anticipated LANParty 925X-T2 motherboard. Designed for the new Intel(R) LGA 775 platform, the LANParty 925X-T2 features Intel 925X / ICH6R chipset and boasts support for the new DDR2 memory in dual channel mode, 16x PCI-Express video cards, 2 1 1x PCI Express connector slots for future PCI-E based devices, proprietary 8-channel Karajan high definition audio, dual Gigabit (PCI PCI-E) LAN, Serial ATA Matrix RAID, USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 Firewire ports. 

Answering to the discerning demand for a flexible PCI-E lock to enable 10% overclocking on this platform, DFI's new LANParty addition is industry's first to adopt a completely intuitive PCI-E algorism that automatically detects overclocking requirements and hardware bottlenecks and adjusts on the fly. As a part of the proprietary CMOS Reloaded overclocking utility, users can now enjoy unsurpassed performance boost in a smart way!

For the full Press Release, Click Here 

 Socket T and 3.6 GHz Prescott Reviewed @ Ace's Hardware

"PCI Express, PCI Express x16, and DDR-II. Our review pays particular attention not only to the new 3.6 GHz Prescott CPU, but also the DDR-II memory. What are its advantages in terms of speed and capacity and what role does latency play in the performance of this new memory standard?"

 HTPCnews.com Mobo Review: DFI NF2 Ultra B

"The feature rich DFI Lan Party NFORCE II Ultra B is on the test bench at HTPCnews.com today with a little twist.  We aren't looking at how well it can be used as a Lan party box, but instead as a full featured Media Center motherboard.  Items like real time encoding of Dolby Digital 5.1, excellent playback of 1080i video clips, passive cooling, and a great deal of HDD connectors make this motherboard one that we just had to take a look at.  For more information on this latest motherboard from DFI, check out the review."

 Explaining DDR Memory Bandwidth @ CoolTechZone

"With all things equal, a stick of DDR memory capable of running 2-2-2-5 memory timings will make the computer operating experience seem faster than a DIMM which can only run at 3-4-4-8. This is because of the fact that when the memory receives an instruction, retrieves the data, and sends it back out in less time."

 Legion Hardware - Maxtor MaXLine III SATA 250GB

"Another hyped about feature of these MaXLine III series hard drives is their native command queuing (NCQ) support. Unfortunately, I was unable to exploit the potential performance of this new technology. Nevertheless, I do not doubt for a moment how significant the impact of this technology could be. Obviously at this point in time NCQ is a technology that will benefit few, though it does exist in this new hard drive series from Maxtor."

That's all I have for now friends.  I will catch you back here later today :) - Cheers