Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes 2021 Event: Here's What You Need To Know

destiny 2 solstice 2021 eaz

Summer is here and that means the Solstice of Heroes is just around the corner. Bungie just dropped a trailer and information about one of Destiny 2’s largest annual events. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s 2021 Solstice of Heroes.

What You Need to Know About Solstice of Heroes Dates, Requirements, and Armor

Solstice of Heroes 2021 kicks off on July 6th and ends at weekly reset on August 3, 2021. It is available for free to all players and therefore does not require ownership of the season pass. The only requirement to participate is that new players will need to already have escaped the Cosmodrome and unlocked the Tower.

This year’s event will be very similar to previous Solstice of Heroes events. Eva Levante will return to the Tower to host it. Guardians will once again be able to earn class-specific Solstice items. Guardians will receive low-ranking armor at the beginning of the event and will "complete objectives to upgrade your Solstice armor sets through three tiers." The armor will emit “glows” once it has been fully upgraded.

destiny 2 solstice 2021 tower

Loot Caches in the EAZ and Generate Orbs for Buffs

Like last year, Guardians will be tasked with killing bosses in the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). According to Bungie, "The sky’s the limit on how many bosses you defeat and how many caches you unlock. Well... the sky and the clock. Make haste, Guardians."

For those who are unfamiliar with the EAZ, it is a three-player match-made activity. The location is several aerial islands floating off the border of the European Dead Zone. The EAZ can typically be accessed through the Tower. Guardians have a set amount of time to kill bosses and loot caches for Solstice Packages and Solstice Key Fragments. The number of caches one is able to loot is based on the number of defeated bosses. Solstice Key Fragments are needed to open Solstice Packages. These packages award players with a variety of loot including Solstice gear. It is unclear at the moment if the EAZ will be any different than it was last year.

There are also once again daily rotating elements. Guardians will need to match their subclass and weapons types to this daily element to generate specific elemental orbs. These orbs provide various buffs. Furthermore, "On Prism days, all four buffs can charge but only one can be activated at a time." This is the first year that Stasis will be available as a daily element option.

destiny 2 solstice 2021 compass rose

Solstice of Heroes Rewards

Although the event so far appears to be similar to its predecessors, there are of course some new rewards. Guardians will be able to earn an emblem and intricately designed Ghost for completing Solstice of Heroes-specific triumphs. Bungie is also teasing a sparrow and ship on their website, but have offered no additional information on these items. There is a strong chance that they will be available through Eververse. Players are especially intrigued by the Legendary Shotgun Compass Rose, but there are no further details about the weapon at this time.

Solstice of Heroes begins just as the storyline of the Season of the Splicer appears to be ending. The end of the seasonal storyline can often leave some players listless. However, the event, as well as the activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and the seasonal activities, should provide players with plenty of things to do before the season ends at the end of August. Rumor has it that an exotic weapon quest and end-of-season event are also on their way.

Images courtesy of Bungie