Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer Epilogue Foreshadows Return Of Long Lost Character

destiny 2 season of the splicer override

The “epilogue” of Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer has finally arrived. While the overall epilogue storyline is hardly a surprise, many believe they have spotted an important hint about the future of the game. A long-lost character may be returning to Destiny 2. **WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead**

Guardians can kick off the latest storyline by going to the Eliksni room in the H.E.L.M. There they will hear a message by Lakshmi-2. Lakshmi continues to believe that the Eliksni are a threat and decides to open a Vex portal to banish the House of Light. Lakshmi in the process kills herself and unleashes the Vex on the Last City. Guardians are tasked with finishing one last Override to rid the Last City of the Vex.

The Override mission takes place in the Eliksni quarters in the Last City. The Guardians are initially dropped in a building before heading out into the open. There is a building to the immediate right of the spawn location. Guardians will find a “friendly” Vex Harpy near equipment. The Harpy does not attack the Guardian and is marked by a bright blue light emitting from its center.

destiny 2 override last city

This is not the first friendly Harpy to appear in the game. However, this particular Harpy does not seem to be the same one from previous storylines. Redditors noticed that the Harpy was beeping and that its beeps appeared to be in Morse Code. They determined that the Harpy was attempting to communicate the word “assistant.” This has led many to conclude that the Harpy is none other than Asher Mir.

For those who are newer to the game, Asher Mir was an Awoken Warlock. He was researching the Vex, partly in an attempt to cure a Vex virus that was consuming his body. He lost his arm while exploring a radiolarian lake in the “Pyramidion”, a Vex machine structure on Io. He was the vendor on Io that gave quests to the Guardian and frequently referred to the Guardian as his “assistant.”

Asher Mir vanished with the arrival of the Pyramids and the disappearance of Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan. According to Destiny Lore, he decided to destroy the Pyramidion before the Darkness could take it over. He entered the Pyramidion, reached the radiolarian lake, and pulled the lake down upon himself. It is never stated whether he survived the incident. 

destiny 2 override harpy

There are currently two theories about the friendly Harpy. First, Asher has been consumed by the Vex virus, but a little bit of himself remains. Second, Asher is attempting to communicate with the Guardian through the Harpy.

The theory that Asher is either the Harpy or using it to transmit a message is further supported by the lore associated with the Legendary Submachine Gun Stochastic Variable. The lore appears to lay out what Laskshmi-2 believed would occur during the epilogue. However here is the most relevant line: “the Eliksni Quarter: a crackling portal: Asher speaks: Fallen being attacked: Dead Orbit overhead: Saint-14 besieged: FWC surrenders--”

It is unclear what role Asher may play in the future. He could become a major player again in the storyline or the developers may have wanted to just drop a fun Easter egg. Our feeling is that we have not seen the last of Asher Mir.

Images courtesy of Bungie