Destiny 2 Ghost Skill For Amazon Alexa Lets Players Call For Backup And Other Commands

Destiny 2 Ghost Speaker

Activision and Bungie have teamed up with Amazon to offer Destiny 2 players a new level of immersion, though not through virtual reality. Using a new Destiny 2 Ghost skill for Alexa, Amazon's AI-powered assistant, Destiny 2 gamers can bark out commands and verbally ask for tips from Ghost, the in-game AI companion. This new skill represents the first-ever Alexa voice integration in a live game experience.

Using the new skill, players can say things like, "Alexa, ask Ghost to..." followed by a variety of questions and commands. Players can ask Ghost which friends are online, advice on what to do next, and to learn more about the world and characters ("Alexa, tell me who are the Red Legion"). They can also instruct Ghost to do things like call for backup and equip their raid loadout.

"Alexa is now part of the Destiny 2 experience, and we’re excited for what that means for Destiny 2 players and the future of games and voice technology," said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa. "Gaming is an example of where voice can create a more engaging experience in a natural and delightful way for customers. Rather than interrupting gameplay to navigate menus, players can just ask Ghost through Alexa to help with certain tasks. Players love the Destiny 2 experience, and now Alexa can make it even more immersive and fun."

Destiny 2 Ghost

Players can use the new skill on any Alexa-enabled device, such as the Echo line of speakers. However, Amazon is also selling a Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost, a Wi-Fi enabled Ghost speaker that is compatible with Alexa devices. It is a standalone Alexa-enabled speaker that allows gamers to tap into the new skill when playing on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is not required to use the new skill, but is certainly a cool accessory.

The new skill is available now. As for the speaker, it will ship on December 19, but can be pre-ordered now for $90.