Destiny 2 Assistant Game Director Dishes On Future Crucible Maps And Modes

bungie destiny 2 beyond light

Bungie has hinted they will be revealing some major news about Destiny 2 at their upcoming August showcase. However, Destiny 2 Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn has offered players some information about what they can expect over the next few seasons. There will soon be new Destiny 2 Crucible maps, modes, and quality of life changes.

Bungie will be unveiling two “vaulted” Crucible maps during Season 16. There will then be an entirely brand new map in Season 17 and a remastered map from the original Destiny in Season 18. Blackburn argued that it is no simple matter to create new maps or port old ones. He commented, “When we upgraded our engine with Beyond Light it means we had to hand port all of our Destiny 2 maps and modes. So, while it may seem from the outside like we’re just pushing a button there’s a significant lift from the team to get more of this content back in rotation.” He further noted Bungie is working on creating a predictable road map for Crucible maps in the upcoming Lightfall expansion and beyond. This means that PVP should expect a few new, vaulted, and remastered Crucible maps each year after Season 18.

PVP players have several new modes to look forward to. Blackburn remarked that the team is working on bringing in “Rift,” a mode that was popular in Destiny. There are two teams that spawn on opposite sides of the map in Rift. There is, unsurprisingly, a rift at each team’s spawn point. The teams race to the middle of the map to grab the “Spark.” The players must then take the Spark to the other team's side and dunk the Spark into their rift to blow it up. The player holding the Spark has only seventy-five seconds to dunk it before they themselves blow up. This mode very much relies upon teamwork and communication. Blackburn also hinted that players should expect entirely new modes in 2022. He did not elaborate but stated that he believes the “twists and rules” will “make Shaxx proud.”

There will also be a major Trials of Osiris update during Season 15. More information will be available during the August 24th showcase. Blackburn further remarked that after the next Trials’ update, the team will “want to look at what other broad systemic improvements the PVP ecosystem needs. We want to provide something on the scale of this trials rework to players every year.”

destiny 2 beyond light fireteam

There is good news for Gambit players too. Blackburn noted in another tweet that their team is actively creating new Gambit maps. They are also focusing on changing up the Heavy Ammo economy, Primeval fights, and the “invasion cadence/power.”

Bungie has been trying over the last few months to improve the player’s experience during PVP. They recently nerfed Shotguns, (120 RPM) Hand Cannons, Exotic Scout Rifle Dead Man’s Tale, and certain Stasis abilities. All of these had become “meta” in Crucible and had made the experience tedious and frustrating. However, PVP players have also been discontented with the variety of maps and modes in Crucible. It has been over a year since a new map was introduced and eleven maps were vaulted with Beyond Light. Blackburn’s update should therefore hopefully be good news for PVP players.

Images courtesy of Bungie