A Destiny 2 Exorcism Bug Is Glitching Out The Season Ending, How To Avoid Missing Out

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The storyline of Destiny 2's Season of the Lost has concluded. We finally know the purpose of the mysterious bridge and a little about the fate of Osiris and Savathûn. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to enjoy the season’s final mission. Many Destiny 2 players have complained of bugs that have prevented them from completing the Season of the Lost Exorcism mission.

Bungie confirmed via Twitter that some players were experiencing issues with the Exorcism mission. They first noted “Progression can be blocked if moving too quickly on the Bridge encounter. Double back if blocked.” This means it is time to put those Legendary Half-Truth Swords with the Eager Edge perk away. Next, they stated, “Don’t skip the final cutscene.” It seems rather odd to us that some people were skipping the cutscenes given the whole purpose of this mission but different strokes for different folks. Some care about the story and some do not.

Bungie also disabled the ability to join this activity in progress via Matchmaking and lowered the recommended power level from 1270 to 1170. Nevertheless, issues have persisted and some players have been unable to complete the mission. Bungie has not provided an update since yesterday.

Some players were experiencing bugs even if they did not race across the bridge or skip the cutscene. We personally experienced the bug although we followed directions to the letter (go figure). One of our fireteam members was able to progress but the other was not. We needed to redo the entire mission and gained progression after completing it a second time. We noticed that after the final scene had faded out, there was a brief moment where we could barely see the room in which the final scene had taken place. We then received quest progression.

There are a few additional notes about the final mission. First, it is a six-player matchmaking activity like Astral Alignment. You will be placed with a fireteam if you do not already have one. Second, there are a handful of Anti-Barrier and Unstoppable Champions in the activity. It would be a good idea to have the mods equipped, but certainly not a requirement for every fireteam member. These Champions are pushovers and could be taken down with a few well placed sword hits. We entered one mission as the only player with mods equipped and had no issues. Third, the mission itself is quite short. It can be completed in under twenty minutes even if you take the mission at a leisurely pace. Last, you do not receive any special gear by completing the mission. The final quest of the Season of the Splicer granted players the Forbidden Memory Exotic Ship. The most you will receive from the Exorcism mission is a piece of Legendary gear and the satisfaction of knowing how the season ends.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
will launch on Tuesday, February 22nd. If you have not already done so, check out our guide on how to prepare for the new expansion during this final week of the Season of the Lost. We let you know the most important things you need to do before the expansion. 

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