Desktop DDR3 Modules Ready In 12 Months, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and more!

Hey folks, I just got back from the new Batman movie and I was fairly impressed. Not nearly as cartoonish as the previous ones, and it gets back to what I love most about Batman... no special powers, no back-up forces, just some crazy rich guy in a cape with a cool car. That's a real super hero! Anyway, here's the news:

Desktop DDR3 Modules Ready for Retail in 12 Months @ CoolTechZone

"Manufacturers are finally being optimistic about DDR2 sales, and DDR2 has been through various speed steps to actually be a worthwhile standard with Intel platform with 1066MHz system bus. Although the market appears to be optimistic, DDR2 sales aren't nearly anywhere close to what manufacturers might expect and from what it seems the market is about get crowded a lot more in late 2006."

NV40 Technology explained, Part 3: Shader Model 3 and the future @ 3DCenter

"Since we talked much about the pipeline, the question arises what we can do with it. Is NV40's architecture really ready for an efficient use of Shader Model 3? What actually is Shader Model 3? To make any kind of sense of it, we need to go back four years. Back when the first pixel shader hardware came out."

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Review @ The Tech Zone

"Get out the rye bread and mustard grandma because Adobe has done it again. The new version of Photoshop is Grand Salami! I said that Photoshop CS was a must have upgrade. Accordingly, Photoshop CS2.0 is a must, must have upgrade."

Connect 3D Radeon X700 256MB Pro Review @ Club Overclocker

"So, all your friends have shiny new Radeon X850s and you are still getting by with your trusty old GeForce 4. Connect 3D has you covered with the next best thing, the Radeon X700 256MB Pro. Designed to compete with the popular GeForce 6600 cards. Lets see how this card measures up..."

Introduction to Optical Fibers @ Hardware Secrets

"In 1952 physicist Narinder Singh Kapany, based on studies conducted by english physicist John Tyndall that the light could travel in curve inside a material (in Tyndall's experiment this material was ..."