Dell Upgrade Kits For XPS Available

Anyone that bought an XPS 700 or 710 on or before June 30th of this year is eligible to participate in an upgrade plan that includes a 680i SLI motherboard, and the option to buy a QX6700 at 25% off the price in the Dell store.

Of course Dell is selling the QX6700 for $1,119, versus the Q6700 which operates at the same speed but sells for about half the price.
“The upgrade kit includes the motherboard from Dell’s latest XPS 720 system. Dell also includes the required front panel I/O assembly, cables, mechanical assemblies, resource CD, owner’s manual, XPS mouse pad and DTS audio upgrade in the kit.

The Dell XPS 720 motherboard features NVIDIA’s nForce 680i SLI MCP chipset. Dell supports NVIDIA SLI, MediaShield and Native Gigabit Ethernet technologies. The motherboard also supports NVIDIA’s Enhanced Performance Profiles, or EPP, memory specification. First Packet and DualNet technologies are not supported.”
The other nice bonus to getting this upgrade is that it should enable customers to take full advantage of not only the current crop of 1333MHz FSB CPUs from Intel, but it should also enable customers to plug a Penryn into their system when they new CPUs are released later this year.
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