DDR2 Roundup and Kingston HyperX, Xoxide X-Treme Case, and more!

Hey folks, what's up? If this is your first visit to HH of the day, Dave has taken a look at the HIS Radeon X850 XT and Radeon X800 XL - IceQ II Turbo. And yes, with a cooler that spiffy, there had to be some overclocking ;) Oh, and for you X-Box owners who are still interested in the cable replacement fiasco, you might want to check this out. Adios.

Thermaltake Hardcano13 Multi-Function Panel @ SystemCooling

"Multifunction panels have become more popular and more complicated as of lately. Rather than only controlling the speed of your fans, newer panels now incorporate LCD displays and card readers into them. Today we'll be taking a look at Thermaltake's latest entry into the multifunction device market, the Hardcano 13."

DDR2 Roundup and Kingston HyperX Reviews @ motherboards.org

"The performance of all the contenders was truly outstanding. Crucial's Ballistix Tracer was the only one who could not make the cut for low latency. Does that mean that it's no good? Of course, it does not. Even without the low latency numbers, the Tracer still provides innovative performance; and at times even win in certain tests."

Pentium M on your Socket 478 platform @ Legit Reviews

"The ASUS CT-479 CPU Upgrade Kit is a newly launched solution that brings the quiet and cool performance of the Intel Pentium M Socket 479 notebook processor onto ASUS' Socket 478 desktop motherboards. Read on and take a look and see what the future holds for Pentium M lovers."

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages of Digital Photography @ The Tech Zone

"I only use digital cameras. It's been 30 months since I've used film. That said, I have made every attempt to fairly compare the two mediums. Try as I might, I simply cannot come up with as many disadvantages as advantages in the face-off between digital and film. While I may have left out some small point, this list is fairly comprehensive. You be the judge."

Xoxide X-Treme Case @ Bjorn3D

"Xoxide is a popular PC and mod components store on the WWW. In addition to fans, heatsink, cables and mod supplies, Xoxide also sells its own branded cases. Read this review to learn more about Xoxide's interesting and colorful X-Treme case."

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