Tasty Cyber Monday Deals For Big Savings: Galaxy S9, PS4 Pro, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Pixel 3 XL

Take a breath folks, you made it—Cyber Monday has officially arrived, thus capping off a hectic month of holiday shopping starting with the early Black Friday bargains that began trickling in several weeks ago. If your wallet or purse hasn't been thoroughly ravaged by this point and you still have some dough to spend, there are some tasty discounts to be had on a variety of electronics.

We already noted a whole bunch from Amazon, but to recap, you can score an All-New Echo Dot for $24 (save $25.99), or grab an All-New Echo Plus for $109.99 (save $40). Amazon also has a bunch of bargains on Fire TV and tablet devices. Here's a sampling of the some of the more interesting ones:
Galaxy Note 9

Those and other deals were announced over the weekend and went live a little early. What wasn't announced at the time, however, were new bundle deals centered around Samsung's Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9. Each one comes with your choice of an Amazon Echo Show or both an Echo and Echo Spot. Here's how the pricing breaks down...
Those are some big discounts. You also get to choose from three different color options for the Echo Show or Echo + Echo Spot, including blue, purple, and black.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Looking for a deal on a game console? Those are in abundance as well. Here are some of the more interesting ones...
Google Pixel 3

Finally, there are deals to be had at the Google Store as well, including discounts on Google's flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL handsets. For example, you can grab a Pixel 3 + Google Home Hub + $50 Google Store credit starting at $799, or a Pixel 3 XL + Google Home Hub + $50 Google Store credit starting at $899. Those are both regular starting prices, but with extra goodies thrown into the mix. Other deals include...
There are a whole bunch of other deals in the Google Store as well. If we missed anything interesting, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!