Curve Scenario Driven Mechanical Keyboard Is Fully Lit With AI Brainpower

There are plenty of backlit keyboards out there today and most of them are pretty much the same when it comes to lighting. You get lights around the keys and some light that glows through the keytop letters and that's it. However, a new keyboard has turned up on Kickstarter, and it's called the Curve Full-keyLit Scenario-Driven Keyboard, which is admittedly a mouthful of a name.

curve 1

The Curve is notable for having hexagonal keys with backlighting that glows through the entire keytop. If you tend to work in a dark room, we can only assume this keyboard and its bright lights might be a bit much. The "scenario driven" part of the keyboard comes into play because the smart backlighting can illuminate only the keys that are active in whatever app or software you are using.

The designers behind Curve say that the L app is able to recognize what you are doing on the keyboard and make it fit your use scenario. It has over 800 predefined program layouts and shortcut-remind sets. Having a scenario-driven keyboard means rather than having all the lights glowing in the dark room for movie night on your PC, you will only have the keys for functions in the app like pause and play.

curve 2

The Curve also promises to work for gamers and will glow only the keys active in your game. Curve offers full-key rollover and the keys are good for over 50 million strokes each. Key response time is 1 millisecond and the keyboard is designed with a compact layout. That does mean it has no number pad. When gaming, keys that might mess up your game are disabled, take that Windows key.

curve 3

One of the coolest things for Windows users who need a bit of reminding is that if you hold down ctrl + alt all the other possible key combinations are lit up. Curve will have an open API that will allow for integration with more games or apps. Curve is on Kickstarter right now seeking $50,000 in funding, and has so far only raised $1,754 with 35 day to go. As of this writing there are plenty of super early bird Curve keyboards available at $109 with shipping estimated for November 2017. You can get a custom Curve you can laser engrave for $149 or more.

Curve keyboard isn't the only cool peripheral we have seen recently, yesterday Logitech stepped back into the trackball realm after a decade away with the MX Ergo trackball.