Logitech MX Ergo Reinvents The Trackball Mouse After A Decade-Long Absence

For many years Logitech made one of the few alternatives to a mouse for people who had some sort of wrist or hand issue like Carpal Tunnel syndrome (or folks who just hated a mouse). That alternative was the Trackball and there were several versions to choose from for users. About a decade ago, Logitech vacated that space leaving those needing an alternative to a normal mouse without many options. However, Logitech has launched a new trackball and that new product is called the MX Ergo.

Logitech notes that this is its very first adjustable trackball designed from the ground up to support comfort and to look good to boot. The MX Ergo features an adjustable hinge along with precision tracking and can be connected to multiple devices meaning it can also be used with your laptop if you despise trackpads and mice for mobile use. Logitech says that the MX Ergo is able to reduce muscular strain by 20% compared to using a normal mouse. That fancy adjustable hinge allows the yer to increase the angle from 0 to 20 degrees to help with wrist posture and pronation.

logitech mx ergo 1

"We are so excited by this new trackball. It is back, better than ever and the idea for this trackball innovation was inspired by our users, who invented creative ways to achieve their desired level of comfort, sometimes adding additional wedges under their trackball for elevated angles," said Anatoliy Polyanker, global portfolio and brand director at Logitech. "The MX ERGO is our first adjustable trackball that delivers on the need for elevated comfort in a beautiful design."

What that adjustability means for people with wrist pain or injury is a work day with less physical stress from using your mouse constantly. Users are able to change the cursor speed and accuracy on the fly to make the MX Ergo comfortable for whatever it is you may be doing. Power comes via a rechargeable battery that can last up to four months depending on how much you use it during the day. If you run out of power and are near an outlet, the MX Ergo can be charged enough for a full day of work with a one-minute charge.

Logitech has equipped the MX Ergo with its Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow features. Easy-Switch and Flow allows the user to easily change between two computers with one mouse and you can also copy and paste content from the clipboard between the two devices. Logitech MX Ergo will sell for $99.99 and will be available online and in retail stores this month. Best Buy will also offer an exclusive edition called MX Ergo Plus for the same price, but it's not clear what the exclusive edition offers that the normal MX Ergo lacks (if anything).

Logitech recently launched some other peripherals aimed specifically at PC gamers, including the G603 gaming mouse and the G613 mechanical gaming keyboard.